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The benefits of tree lopping in Brisbane

January 24, 2021

Having trees in your backyard brings a sense of joy accompanied with a peaceful feeling especially in spring and summer. And if you live in Brisbane it’s an added bonus because you know what they say it’s beautiful one day, perfect the next!

But like everything else in life, if you don’t take care of your trees, they will become a burden and might cause hazardous situations to you and your family members.

Taking care of trees through the process of tree lopping is important. Not only it helps keeping you and your property safe, but it’s also vital for the health of the tree.

So, what is tree lopping you might ask? Tree lopping is the art of trimming tree branches or in some cases cutting off the top of the tree to reduce its size.


The Benefits of Tree Lopping

There are many benefits for tree lopping and we’ll list below a few of them:

Improves the overall health of the tree

Knowing that some branches in the tree might be dead, or not getting enough light, can risk the health of the whole tree. Trees are prone to diseases and pests and even the lack of light can result in poor circulation. Tree lopping, especially when performed by a tree services professional, will help with removing different unhealthy sections of the tree or infected branches which will save and increase the lifespan of the tree.

Increases tree growth and saves it during storms

If trees are not taken care of, they might become hollow from the inside due to different factors like diseases or even biological reasons. This will add a great risk to the life of the tree and the safety of cars and properties around especially during a thunderstorm. Tree loppers will know which parts to trim and which ones to keep which will allow new branches to grow.

Saves your property from accidents 

What a wonderful feeling it is to sit under a nice tree on a sunny day in Brisbane. However, that could become a dangerous act when the tree is not taken care of on regular basis. Tree branches might suddenly fall and land on your property or even your loved ones and cause serious damage especially in the case of strong winds or storms.

Improving the appearance of your backyard

Even small touches can make a huge difference when it comes to your backyard landscaping (If you live in Brisbane, you know how proud we are of our beautiful city!) Trees can grow out of shape and won’t probably match the landscape of your backyard. Tree loppers will know what to trim and how to make the tree look more beautiful and healthier.

Even if you have the tools, it is recommended to reach out to tree care professionals to help you with tree pruning especially if you’re growing a fruit tree. Arborists will do the necessary pruning to help with the quality of the tree and the fruits it’s carrying. Read more about the difference between tree lopping and tree pruning.

In the end, always make sure to regularly take care of the health of your trees. We always advice people to get the help of a professional especially when it comes to tree lopping.


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