For tree removal, tree lopping and all your tree services in Brisbane.
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For tree removal, tree lopping and all your tree services in Brisbane. Call now for a quote
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Locally owned Brisbane tree service that delivers expert high quality professional work on ever job BIG and small. For the past 14 years, the experts at Fit The Bill Tree Service have helped home and business owners with professional tree services in Brisbane . We’re proud to be a locally owned and operated tree services company. We specialise in the “hard to reach” or “impossible tree removal service".
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Tree Pruning For Safety And Looks. Let our team of certified arborist help maintain healthy trees on your property. Routine maintenance for tree lopping can include cutting branches that are near power lines, over a driveway, pool or home. We’ll bring down the branches that could cause significant damage. For cosmetic purposes, pruning unwanted branches on trees and trimming leaves will give your property more curb appeal and an attractive appearance to guests.

Call Fit The Bill Tree Services Brisbane for all your tree care & tree removal service. We are BRISBANE'S TREE EXPERTS in all aspects of tree work. So you can be sure that FIT THE BILL TREE SERVICE is your best option when it comes to tree work in Brisbane!


Some storms leave more than just high volumes of water. Some can cause thousands of dollars of damage while leaving dangerous half-fallen trees and limbs hanging over your home. 

Fit The Bill Tree Service, a Brisbane based tree lopping service, will come in, assess the situation and storm damage and take every precautionary step to protect your home and your family. 

Though time can be of the essence with some fallen trees after a storm blows through, we will take our time to make sure no additional damage will be incurred on your home and remove any hazardous situations brought on by Mother Nature while providing our professional tree services .


24 Hour Emergency Service! Because Mother Nature Isn’t On A Schedule. Fit The Bill Tree Services Brisbane offers 24-hour tree removal services because we understand that it’s never a good time for a tree to fall on anything that you own (your car, your home, your business or your property). The timing is always bad. We offer residential and commercial tree services in Brisbane. All suburbs north and south side.


Our professional cleaning and de-nutting service has a dual function: to cosmetically restore your tree to its former glory, and to avoid the constant clean-up of falling palm components. If your tree is starting to look tired, or the Brisbane seasons are causing your palm to drop old frond-bases unexpectedly, we can help by cleaning and de-nutting the palm today.


Being professionals here at FIT THE BILL TREE SERVICE in Brisbane, we have the equipment and training to remove palm trees - Climbing Cuban Royals & Carpentaria Palms is the hardest climbing we do, but as you can see we are able to safely remove very tall palms from down the side of your home. Sometimes only a Crane is the way to safely remove a palm, we have the High Risk Licence to do this. But it is our “Last Choice”! This keeps the cost down for you.
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