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Is it necessary to prune trees?

Pruning is the most popular method for tree maintenance. Pruning must be performed by someone who has a proper understanding of tree science. Improper pruning can make enduring harm or even shorten the tree's life.   Why should I consider tree pruning? Since every cut can possibly change the development of the tree, no branch […]

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The benefits of tree lopping in Brisbane

Having trees in your backyard brings a sense of joy accompanied with a peaceful feeling especially in spring and summer. And if you live in Brisbane it’s an added bonus because you know what they say it’s beautiful one day, perfect the next!

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What is the difference between tree lopping and pruning?

A lot of people might confuse “tree lopping” and “tree pruning” since both are associated with tree trimming and are essential to tree care. Both jobs involve shaping your tree and both will lead to a healthy-looking and disease-free growth of trees...

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