For tree removal, tree lopping and all your tree services in Brisbane.
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For tree removal, tree lopping and all your tree services in Brisbane. Call now for a quote
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Mark Downie
Mark is our qualified arborist and owner of Fit The Bill Tree Service. Hes been in the tree lopping industry around Brisbane for over 14 years. Mark likes to share his knowledge about his tree services so we get the best results for you and the tree without making it dangerous or affecting the overall health of the tree.
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Rachel Barnes
Rachel's our allrounder. She goes out quoting, office girl and even comes out to help onsite when she's needed. To book in a quote for tree services or to book in a job to get some tree lopping done give Rachel a call now for one of our Brisbane based arborist to come give you a quote.


Who will work on my trees?

Only Mark and his qualified team of arborist will be working on your tree lopping job. The area around the tree where Mark and his team will be working will be turned into a tree services work zone and no one will be aloud to enter unless they have the correct ppe and qualified to do so. This is to ensure the safety of you and the team at Fit The Bill Tree Service.

What services does Fit The Bill Offer?

We do all types of tree works tree services tree lopping tree removal service Felling Land clears Pruning Tree removal Trees in confined spaces Dead trees Palm trees Big gum trees Small trees Hedging Root barrier treatment Some landscaping Stump grinding qualified arborist Brisbane And much much more give us a call today to get your free quote.

Are you insured and licensed?

We have all necessary qualifications and insurances to take on any tree removal or tree lopping job. Prior to taking out any tree services work these documents can be viewed at your request. Just ask our arborist that will be onsite if you wish to view.


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Fully qualified and insured tree services business in Brisbane.
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